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In states where recreational marijuana is legal, problematic use increased among adults and teens

Wed, 2019-11-13 13:30
Problematic use of marijuana among adolescents and adults increased after legalization of recreational marijuana use, according to a new study from NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.
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Chronic adversity dampens dopamine production

Wed, 2019-11-13 05:51
People exposed to a lifetime of psychosocial adversity may have an impaired ability to produce the dopamine levels needed for coping with acutely stressful situations.
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Opioid-based plant might not be best solution to curb habitual alcohol use

Wed, 2019-11-13 05:50
A team has examined the effects of kratom and the potential impacts on people with alcohol use disorder.
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High numbers of youth report using prescription opioids in the past year

Fri, 2019-11-08 08:28
A new analysis of US data finds an unexpectedly high prevalence of prescription opioid use among youth. As recently as 2015-2016, 21% of adolescents and 32% of young adults said they had used these drugs in the past year. Nearly 4 percent and 8 percent, respectively, reported misusing opioids.
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Some CBD products may yield cannabis-positive urine drug tests

Mon, 2019-11-04 12:16
A small study concludes that caution is warranted for users of 'high CBD, low THC' cannabis products.
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Cannabis use disorder is declining among young adolescents and young adults

Thu, 2019-10-31 08:05
The prevalence of cannabis use disorder decreased in 2002 to 2016 among frequent users. Changes in social attitudes and the traits of frequent users may explain the decline, according to researchers. This is one of the first studies to examine the general health profile of people using cannabis daily or almost daily and the trends in the prevalence of cannabis use disorder in this population.
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Cycles of reward: New insight into ADHD treatment

Wed, 2019-10-30 08:00
Researchers have investigated the actions of the drug in rats. Using dopamine cell recordings, electrochemical monitoring and computer modeling, they discovered a type of feedback loop that modulates dopamine levels in the rats' brains in response to the drug. This regulatory process may shed light on methylphenidate's therapeutic properties in ADHD.
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Of all professions, construction workers most likely to use opioids and cocaine

Wed, 2019-10-30 06:28
Construction workers are more likely to use drugs than workers in other professions, finds a new study.
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Drug overdose deaths in CT doubled in 6 years

Tue, 2019-10-29 16:25
Opioid overdose deaths in Connecticut doubled in the past 6 years, largely driven by use of multiple drugs together, according to a team of researchers.
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Insufficient evidence that medicinal cannabinoids improve mental health

Mon, 2019-10-28 19:39
The most comprehensive analysis of medicinal cannabinoids and their impact on six mental health disorders -- combining 83 studies including 3,000 people -- suggests that the use of cannabinoids for mental health conditions cannot be justified based on the current evidence. This is due to a lack of evidence for their effectiveness, and because of the known risks of cannabinoids.
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Teen marijuana use may have next-generation effects

Mon, 2019-10-28 14:44
A new study shows how a parent's use of marijuana, past or present, can influence their child's substance use and well-being.
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Mapping international drug use through the world's largest wastewater study

Wed, 2019-10-23 07:34
A seven-year project monitoring illicit drug use in 37 countries via wastewater samples shows that cocaine use was skyrocketing in Europe in 2017 and Australia had a serious problem with methamphetamine.
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Evidence of behavioral, biological similarities between compulsive overeating and addiction

Thu, 2019-10-17 10:52
Does yo-yo dieting drive compulsive eating? There may be a connection. According to researchers the chronic cyclic pattern of overeating followed by undereating, reduces the brain's ability to feel reward and may drive compulsive eating. This finding suggests that future research into treatment of compulsive eating behavior should focus on rebalancing the mesolimbic dopamine system -- the part of the brain responsible for feeling reward or pleasure.
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A rat's brain, on and off methamphetamine

Wed, 2019-10-16 10:45
Drug addiction is a vicious cycle of reward and withdrawal. Chronic users often relapse because of the unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms they experience when they stop taking the drug. Now, researchers report metabolic changes in the brains of rats during methamphetamine self-administration and withdrawal that could help identify biomarkers and treatments for addiction.
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Potential therapy to treat detrimental effects of marijuana

Tue, 2019-10-15 07:22
A new study using a preclinical animal model suggests that prenatal exposure to THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, makes the brain's dopamine neurons (an integral component of the reward system) hyperactive and increases sensitivity to the behavioral effects of THC during pre-adolescence.
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New addiction treatments hold promise for stemming the opioid crisis

Tue, 2019-10-08 09:59
Concerns over the opioid epidemic have sparked a strong scientific interest in why some people become addicted while others don't. Now, researchers are proposing novel treatment strategies that could help prevent abuse of opioids and other substances.
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Vaping-associated lung injury may be caused by toxic chemical fumes, study finds

Wed, 2019-10-02 16:11
Research into the pathology of vaping-associated lung injury is in its early stages, but a study finds that lung injuries from vaping most likely are caused by direct toxicity or tissue damage from noxious chemical fumes.
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One third of patients with severe asthma are taking harmful doses of oral steroids

Tue, 2019-10-01 16:22
A third of patients with severe asthma are taking harmful doses of oral steroids, according to a study of several thousand people in The Netherlands.
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Cannabis study reveals how CBD offsets the psychiatric side-effects of THC

Mon, 2019-09-30 11:11
Researchers have shown for the first time the molecular mechanisms at work that cause cannabidiol, or CBD, to block the psychiatric side-effects caused by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis.
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Older adults with COPD more likely to use synthetic cannabinoids

Mon, 2019-09-23 11:09
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that's often associated with a variety of health problems, including chronic muscle pain and insomnia. Psychoactive drug classes, like cannabinoids, are often prescribed to help reduce pain, promote sleep and decrease breathlessness. A study has found that older adults with COPD were twice as likely to use prescription synthetic oral cannabinoids compared to older adults without COPD, raising safety concerns.
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