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Continued cocaine use disrupts communication between major brain networks

Wed, 2024-02-28 13:47
New research provides new insights into the brain processes underlying cocaine addiction. The findings are crucial for developing new therapeutics and identifying an imaging marker for cocaine use disorders.
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Cannabis use linked to increase in heart attack and stroke risk

Wed, 2024-02-28 09:53
More frequent use of cannabis was associated with higher odds of adverse cardiovascular outcomes, finds new study.
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CBD shown to ease anxiety without the risks that can come with THC

Tue, 2024-02-27 15:21
A new study of 300 people with anxiety shows that the nonintoxicating compound, CBD, found in cannabis can quell anxiety better than THC-dominant products -- and without the side-effects.
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Anabolic steroid use can increase heart disease risk, study finds

Tue, 2024-02-13 11:04
People using anabolic steroids could be increasing their underlying risk of a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, according to a new study.
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A closer look at cannabis use and binge eating

Tue, 2024-02-13 11:04
New research examined how often people experiencing binge eating are also using cannabis recreationally, and whether patients who use cannabis experience more severe eating disorder symptoms or symptoms of struggling with mental health.
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Asthma rates climb for high school students as cannabis use increases

Mon, 2024-01-29 10:24
Asthma is more common among high school students who use cannabis, relative to those who do not and the prevalence of asthma increases with the frequency of its use among the students, according to a new study.
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Reduced drug use is a meaningful treatment outcome for people with stimulant use disorders, study shows

Wed, 2024-01-10 10:02
Reducing stimulant use was associated with significant improvement in measures of health and recovery among people with stimulant use disorder, even if they did not achieve total abstinence. This finding is according to an analysis of data from 13 randomized clinical trials of treatments for stimulant use disorders involving methamphetamine and cocaine.
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Human beliefs about drugs could have dose-dependent effects on the brain

Wed, 2024-01-03 11:08
Mount Sinai researchers have shown for the first time that a person's beliefs related to drugs can influence their own brain activity and behavioral responses in a way comparable to the dose-dependent effects of pharmacology.
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Cannabis exposure linked to 1.5 times higher risk of unhealthy pregnancy outcomes

Tue, 2023-12-12 09:23
In a large study of more than 9,000 pregnant people from across the U.S., researchers at University of Utah Health have found that cannabis exposure during pregnancy is associated with a composite measure of unhealthy pregnancy outcomes, especially low birth weight, and that higher exposure is associated with higher risks.
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Combined use of alcohol and THC can affect rat brains, study finds

Thu, 2023-11-30 10:19
The increased legalization of cannabis over the past several years can potentially increase its co-use with alcohol. Concerningly, very few studies have looked at the effects of these two drugs when used in combination. In a series of new studies, researchers at used rats to understand how brain structure and behavior can change when cannabis and alcohol are taken together.
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No evidence found that cannabis reduces long term opioid use, study shows

Wed, 2023-11-29 09:25
A 20-year study examined the long term relationship between cannabis and illicit opioid use. Overall results were inconsistent and showed no strong link. The study showed that clinicians and policymakers should be cautious about relying on cannabis to reduce opioid use, especially in the US and Canada.
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Genomic study links cannabis abuse to multiple health problems

Mon, 2023-11-20 15:09
A new analysis of the genomes of more than 1 million people has shed light on the underlying biology of cannabis use disorder and its links to psychiatric disorders, abuse of other substances such as tobacco, and possibly even an elevated risk of developing lung cancer.
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New process for screening old urine samples reveals previously undetected 'designer drugs'

Wed, 2023-11-15 09:33
Researchers have developed a more efficient way to find out which new 'designer drugs' are circulating in the community. In a new study, they showed how high-resolution mass spectrometry can be used to analyze urine samples at scale and uncover molecules from emerging designer drugs that have been missed by conventional testing. The approach can support public health and safety by enabling swift identification of new substances, potentially saving lives and guiding timely clinical responses to drug-related emergencies.
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