Why do people smoke?


Young people are still taking that first cigarette. What were the reasons you started smoking and why do you continue to smoke?

I thing those teenagers who smoke feel like they're cool when doing that. I guess!

Addiction of any abuse do not reduces over time but makes the person more addicted to it. Thus, the cure of addiction is highly important. With better treatment and therapies available today, all forms of drug abuse and depression is curable. (Unrelated link removed by moderator)

I started smoking because of my friends. Almost all of them smoke cigarettes that is why I was influenced too.
~Michelle M. (unrelated links removed by moderator)

Smoking is injurious to health. It is the reason for number of health diseases. Many people are get addicted to smoking and they are enable to come out of this. For such people some counceling institutes are working to help them to cure smoking addiction.

I started young and everyone around me was smoking as well. It was a lot different back then because at the age of 15 I just needed a paper with my mom's signature on it to buy them (so I wrote it myself). I'm glad the rules have changed and it's harder for children now to access it.

its not that hard for kids!! my son at 14 has been buying smokes for yrs. just cause he look older!

I was 14 years & I wanted to be cool. I did not realize the addictive aspects of the action. I then would smoke for emotional & habitual reasons. I gave up smoking 26 months ago and it is the longest period of time I have gone without smoking.

I as well was very young. I started because of peer pressure and here I am tons of years later.......still addicted:(

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