Drugs are substances taken to change the way that the mind or body works.  Drugs do not always come from the doctor or a drug store.  Some drugs come from plants that grow wild.  Drugs can also be made in laboratories.  There are legal and illegal drugs.  There are drugs that are helpful and drugs that are harmful.

Here is a list of categories and some drugs that they fall into:

Stimulants (called uppers)
These are drugs that make you feel up or more energetic.
nicotine (tobacco)
caffeine (coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate)
amphetamines (bennies, dexies, speed, MDA, MDMA, Ecstasy)
methamphetamines (crystal meth, ice, glass)
cocaine (crack)
Depressants (called downers)
These are drugs that make you feel calm or sleepy
barbiturates  (sleeping pills, red birds, red devils, reds, yellow jackets, blue heavens, christmas trees, rainbows, 'ludes)
tranquilizers, narcotics (heroin, H, horse, junk, smack)
Hallucinogens (called all-rounders)
These drugs make you see thing differently from what is real.
LSD (acid, blotter) MDA, MDMA (ecstasy, euphoria, XTC, adam)
PCP (angel dust, elephant, hog)
Psilocybin (magic mushrooms)
Cannabis (called dope, pot, weed, grass, skunk-weed, wheelchair weed, reefer, ganja, joint, honey oil)
From the plants cannabis sativa or cannabis indica.
THC is the strongest active ingredient out of over 800.
hash oil
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