Club Drugs or Designer Drugs
“Club drugs” is the name that is given to a variety of drugs used by young people at raves or trances, bars and dance clubs.  Another name for this group is “designer drugs”.
Popular club drugs include Ecstasy (MDMA), Liquid Ecstasy (GHB), Special K (Ketamine), Speed, Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine), Acid (LSD) and Roofies (Rohypnol.)  These drugs are manufactured in labs specifically for selling illegally on the street.  You never know what exactly you are getting or what strength these drugs are, so the effects are highly unpredictable to the user.
Club drugs by themselves are extremely dangerous, but when mixed with alcohol become even more deadly.  Some of the drugs are without taste, colour or odour so that they can be added to someone’s drink without their knowledge.  They are also highly addictive.
Date Rape Drug
The "date rape" drug refers to Rohypnol, a sleeping pill used in Mexico, but not approved for use in Canada or the U.S.
It has amnesia-like effects and has been suspected in several cases of being slipped into the alcoholic beverages of young women who are then sexually exploited.  Victims have no memory of what has happened after sedation.
Rohypnol usually comes in bubble packs in 2 milligram white tablet form which gives it the dangerous appearance of being a harmless, over-the-counter kind of drug.  In fact, it is about ten times more potent than Valium and when mixed with alcohol can be a deadly combination.  Street names for Rohypnol includes Mexican Valium, Rophies, Roofies, Ropies, Ruffies, Roche, Rope, Rib & R-2.  It has a bitter taste when added to beverages.
Inhalants & Huffing
Inhalants are most often commonly-used household products that give the user a high when the chemical fumes are sniffed.  Inhalants are not drugs, but toxic poison.  They are extremely dangerous and can cause irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system.  Death can occur by cardiac arrest when the normal heart rate is disrupted or by suffocation when the oxygen in the nervous system and lungs is replaced by the fumes.  Products commonly sniffed include helium, propane, gasoline, glue, felt markers, lighter fluid, paint thinner and nail polish remover, as well as the fluorinated hydrocarbons used in aerosols like air freshener, computer keyboard cleaner, or even cooking spray.
Huffing is when the product is soaked into a rag or roll of toilet paper and either directly or from a plastic bag is “huffed” into the mouth.  Because inhalants are readily available to young people and they do not realize how dangerous they are, they are widely abused by kids between the ages of 10 and 17.  One doctor commented that if you take a cleaning fluid and use it to clean up a stain, you can see that it does the same thing to the brain.  If you did a CAT scan on them you would see that parts of the brain are simply missing and there is no way to repair the damage.
Steroids & Body Enhancers
Steroids are drugs made from the male hormone testosterone.  They accelerate muscle growth and cause the user to “beef up” their bodies.  They are used by people who wish to improve their athletic performance and physical appearance.  Steroids are illegal to possess for non-medical uses, but are available through the black market much the same as other drugs.
Side effects of using steroids includes severe acne, high blood pressure, liver tumors, jaundice, fluid retention, aching joints and trembling.  Men can experience development of breasts, baldness, impotence, infertility and enlarged prostate.  Women grow more facial hair, get a deeper voice and smaller breasts.  For adolescents, the effects include accelerated puberty and maturing of the skeleton resulting in stunted growth.
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