Learning to get along with your parents is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for getting along in the world

Although it seems impossible to imagine, it wasn't really that long ago that your parents were your age, dealing with some of the same problems you are dealing with today.  Why then does it seem like parents are so unreasonable if they understand what it's like to be a kid?  One of the biggest things is that when someone becomes a parent, they automatically inherit one of an adult's favourite pastimes - worrying.  Parents worry about just about everything about you, from the time you are born, to the end of your life.  Almost everything they do, including the things that drive you crazy, are because they care about you, and worry about you.  They worry about your choice of friends, your eating habits, your grades at school, how much sleep you get, etc., etc.

All these things are part of you growing up happy and healthy, and your parents are responsible to see that you arrive at adulthood in one piece.  So how can you make things easier on yourself?  It's simpler than you think.  Just make sure your parents know what you're doing.  Introduce your friends.  Keep your curfews.  Phone if you are held up somewhere so that your parents don't call every hospital in the phone book looking for your body.  Admit your mistakes.  Take responsibility for your own actions.  Share your experiences with them.  They may have a few experiences to share with you.

Most of all, be patient with them.  They are still practicing being parents and need all the help you can give them.  Someday, when you become a parent, they may be able to help you deal with your kids!

Communication is the key to having a great relationship.

What do you think is one of your biggest problems in dealing with your parents?What complaints do you most frequently hear from your parents about how you approach them?

  •  Tone of voice:
  •  Not enough information:
  • Chores not finished:
  •  Not enough notice:
  • Dishonest about plans:
  • Other:

How would you change your approach to make your parents more receptive to you?

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